Our Partners

Astron Energy, a Glencore Group company, is one of the leading suppliers of petroleum products in South Africa and Botswana through its vast network of Caltex- and Astron-Energy-branded service stations.

Astron Energy’s approximately 850 service stations make them one of the country’s top two petroleum brands. They are strongly committed to being a responsible corporate citizen, promoting education, health and economic development in an effort to build stronger communities and drive sustainable economic growth.

They own and operate the country’s third-largest crude oil refinery located in Cape Town, which has a capacity of 100,000 barrels a day, and a lubricants manufacturing plant in Durban.

FreshStop, is a partnership between two of the countries most respected brands, Fruit & Veg City and Astron Energy.

The brand was developed by the Fruit & Veg City group, in conjunction with Chevron SA (at the time), to create a world-class forecourt convenience format for the South African market.

FreshStop, named International Convenience Retailer of the Year 2013, is South Africa’s fastest growing 24-hour convenience store brand. Twenty eight of the Caltex forecourts and two of the Astron Energy forecourts in the Eastern Cape boast a FreshStop outlet, with several more in the planning.


Transport of fuel is a highly specialised business. Each vehicle is required to have a safe loading permit for each depot at which it collects its load. We currently use three experienced an respected logistics companies.  Crusade Logistics is based in Durban and delivers fuel from there to the eastern-most sites in our network. Crossroads Transport services all our sites that source their fuel from the East London depot, while Unitrans Supply Chain Solutions looks after all deliveries from the PE terminal.