Our Fuels

Caltex with Techron® The 5 star fuel

Only Caltex contains Techron®, a specially-formulated ingredient to keep your engine clean. It removes dirty deposits from vital engine parts to deliver 5 benefits:

  • Maximized Power
  • Better Fuel Economy
  • Smoother Drive
  • Lower Emissions
  • Reliable Performance

Unleaded 95/93 with Techron®

Unleaded 95 with Techron® is suitable for most drivers. Techron cleans vital engine parts, preventing the build-up of carbon deposits to help deliver maximum power and performance.

Unleaded 93 with Techron® is designed to maintain optimal engine performance. The proven power of Techron helps keep dirty engine deposits at bay for better efficiency and fuel economy.

Diesel 50 with Techron® D

Diesel 50 with Techron®D is a low sulphur, premium performance diesel for use in advanced diesel-powered engines. Techron D’s proven cleaning power helps to keep fuel injectors clean, reduce corrosion and reduce foaming while filling up. Because a clean engine gives you maximum performance, fuel economy and enhanced reliability.

Three of our sites supply Astron Energy fuel with Quartech; South Africa’s newest fuel. 


For over 75 years, Chevron South Africa, and more recently Astron Energy (Pty) Ltd has been associated with manufacturing and marketing quality lubricants on a global scale.  In today’s highly complex and competitive market, a new focus and commitment is required to meet our customers’ demands for superior products, dedicated service and efficient distribution networks.

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